Right in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a land of castles and mountains, occasionally interrupted by concrete sprawl. More than two decades after Czechoslovakia's break-up, Slovakia has emerged as a self-assured, independent nation. Capital city Bratislava draws the most visitors, thanks to its excellent nightlife, resplendent old town and sheer ease of access from around Europe.

Slovakia shines brightest for lovers of the outdoors. It is heavenly for walking or winter sports, and national parks like Slovenský Raj sparkle with waterfalls. Castles worthy of a Disney princess perch on hills, and quaint churches speckle the less-discovered east around friendly second city Košice. Within a long weekend in this small country, you can hike or ski.

One of the wonderful activities you can do in Bratislava is simply wandering in the charming streets of the old town.

Bratislava castle is noteworthy, standing proudly on the hill above the Danube, and defining the horizon of the city. In addition to visiting the castle, you can enjoy the fantastic view from the castle park on the old town, the Danube and the large Petržalka borough.

Slavín Hill is the opposite hill, north of the castle. The area is characterized by luxury homes, and leafy streets. Slavín - the military cemetery – peacefully sits on top of the hill. It is a poignant place - in particular the colossal war memorial and the wooded park. This latter is perfect for a picnic and enjoying the panorama of Bratislava from above.

During you stay in Bratislava, visit St Elizabeth church, commonly known as Blue Church, located in the eastern part of the old town.


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