More and more training institutions, manufacturers as well as professionals specialized in car and construction machine mechanics, are choosing trips for professional purposes in order to offer participants a training under the guidance of experienced professionals. It is possible to customize the programme for your group according to your needs: diagnostics, maintenance, reparation, reconstruction of diesel equipment, etc.

Acquire more advanced knowledge

A tailor-made study trip always allows to acquire more advanced knowledge on mechanical theory and procedures, as well as much more targeted practice than a simple stage in a local company. Here you are some examples for illustrative purposes – whilst your study trip will be conceived taking into account your requirements:

Really customized study trips

It is also possible to focus on the general subjects of car and construction machine mechanics. In such a case, the aspiring professionals, or branch managers taking part in the study trip, have access to information and discovery opportunities that enable them to anticipate or make key decisions.

Some study trips can be conceived more specifically to address the commercial aspect of this sector, or the production one. Some groups could be more interested in the technical environment and reparation; other participants may prefer discussing problems and sharing solutions concerning competition, or learning how to build a reputation. Everybody can ask for a customized trip, all you need is to have tangible objectives or – why not – just the wish to discover the car and construction machine mechanics sector.


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