For beginners or professionals with a defined objective, or for educational organizations (secondary education, universities, etc.), a tailor-made study trip offers participants the possibility to discover how graphic design, design and architectural modelling are taught in other countries.

For more advanced students of architecture, or for any institution, a quality study trip provides the opportunity to learn about the roles and responsibilities of architects in the field of design and environment, in various national contexts. For example, participants may meet professionals, thus discovering a world that is completely different from university, i.e. completely new horizons for a useful experience.

Very positive feedback from everybody!

Young adults who have participated in these study trips admit that they came back with a deeper understanding of architecture, and of what being an architect means. An excellent experience that goes beyond what you can read on books or on the Internet.

Of course, this is possible through a customized in-depth programme, conceived so that participants feel involved and attend in a mature way. The trip may include courses, conferences, films and tours guided by professionals or other experts. This may be the occasion to go through a series of practical exercises leading to a complete architectural design project.

More than a study trip, an opportunity

A study trip focusing on architecture is an excellent opportunity for participants to work with foreign teachers and students or experts, as well as to consider individual and collective suggestions to discuss and improve their own designs.

Participants in these study trips report that they eventually learnt that architecture is not always what they think it is, and this occasion to discover it gave them time for reflexion without pressure. After this experience - defined according to the group’s objectives - participants generally confirm their vocation based on their experience, a vocation that turns out to be much stronger in terms of involvement and potential for success.

Discovering architecture during a study trip means understanding much about what architects look for in their designs and the amount of work required for a building, for example. The advantages of a tailor-made trip usually exceed initial expectations. It is also an excellent way to see and appreciate the skills of others, as well as a good overview of the career opportunities in this field.


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