Your tailor-made study trip can pursue several objectives, or only one in particular. It can be discovering the hotel and restaurant industry jobs, or gathering information for the sector entrepreneurs, such as information on the rules and regulations on terrace permits, safety, the sale of alcohol, specific information on drinks, food and machine gambling, and many other subjects!

The trip is suitable for everybody, but each group is built based on the common interests of its members. It can be addressed to students or to entrepreneurs who are starting up their business, or who would like to give new momentum to it, whether it is an hotel, a restaurant, or a camping, a marina or a leisure park, for example.

Fundamental meetings

Your group trip can address any element of the hotel and restaurant industry, and certain meetings are a must:

Any contents of the programme can be decided according to your needs.

Your project in the hotel and/or restaurant industry

Your study trip can be generic, or more specific (daytime activities, night-time activities, type of customers, etc.). It can be an overview of opportunities or more specifically of legislation and regulations (building, noise, permits, accommodation, etc.). For example, a group trip conceived to achieve specific entrepreneurs’ objectives could be aimed at getting to know more about the special building regulations applicable to the facilities in question.

The trip could also be aimed at discovering how experienced professionals manage demanding customers, luxury customers, how they attract customers, how they manage to optimize bookings, how they face competition, etc.

Getting sound advice

Information on the Internet is sometimes exotic, incomplete or out-of-date. It is risky to develop a project in the hotel and restaurant industry based on such information. Only a meeting with outstanding professionals can provide you with sound advice.


For the curious, here is flash info about our novelties, news or applicable regulations, but also articles or testimonies from schools, tourist facilities or professional bodies and other partners we work with.