The food and agri-food sector is a key driver of the economy. It is a recognized leading factor on a global scale for safe, sustainable food at all levels of the food chain.

Agricultural discoveries, for example, play a fundamental role in the overall competitiveness of this sector, and create better opportunities for the players in this industry in general and for businesses in particular: thus, there is a wide range of study trip opportunities. Here you are some examples of possible visits:

A journey to discover practical aspects

Your study trip for professional purposes will be conceived to enable you to discover the most dynamic trends in your sector. New inspirations and knowledge are fundamental to address the daily and future challenges of the food and agri-food sector. Thanks to this practical experience, you will understand better the secrets and factors for success, you will be able to explore different aspects of the product, of the service and of organizational innovation, as well as to understand how innovating ideas may change customary practices to better respond to market needs, etc.

Participants in these programmes are introduced to a wide range of projects and inspiring ideas that they can implement in their work. They can also propose new ideas.

Which strategy for the future of this sector?

To be successful in the highly competitive global economy, the food and agri-food sector must continue to strengthen its strategy for development, i.e. generate new revolutionary ideas. In this respect, a customized study trip for professional purposes would enable you to discover other ways to promote the sector, as well as the importance of research and innovation, which are actually essential pillars of a strong economy, etc. 

This trip is a practical approach to inspire participants, provide them with new knowledge and make them aware of their responsibilities. Participants will be where innovation happens, where new ideas are developed and tested, and finally where these breakthroughs are democratized.

Reading about or taking part in conferences on the food and agri-food sector is not enough to raise awareness about it. Only a study trip can inspire new ideas.


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