A group trip in the butchery and catering world provides participants with a very accurate and quite different overview of several subjects. The food industry is a big one, and you will have the opportunity to get a better idea regarding your future career, both in terms of job and in terms of sector:

This professional trip is also a way to discover new techniques, flavours and expertise whatever the country of destination is, as well as new solutions or ideas for entrepreneurs.

Meeting experts in their respective fields

If you would like to meet a team of world-class experts to get some of their skills, knowledge and passion for butchery and catering, this is only possible through a professional trip organized to make experts available to you for the duration of your stay. It is also possible to gather specialists of several areas of butchery and catering, so that you can understand better your abilities, or – why not – simply train your palate! For example (but the list is not exhaustive!):

This may be the opportunity to live a truly memorable experience with a renowned professional.

Come and discover the art of beef aging, deboning, and how to process each cut off piece, etc.

Exchange and taste

It is very interesting to organize a group trip for participants who have a bent for butchery and catering, and are willing to exchange and taste. Your trip can also be informative and educational. As regards butchery, for example, you will be able to talk with specialists in all breeds, or to improve your knowledge of one of them, tasting some pieces cooked to perfection.


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