Have you ever thought about a study or professional trip as an immersion into forestry in general, or silviculture in particular?

Organizing a customized study trip

A customized study trip will enable participants to tangibly see that silviculture is both a theoretical and a practical aspect of forest management, and that forest productivity is maintained and improved according to its ecological capacities and the objectives of its owner.

Did you know, for example, that forestry deals certainly with forests, but also with wetlands, scrub lands and grasslands?

The need for a tailor-made professional trip

A professional trip must absolutely be tailor-made to fully meet your expectations, which can be rather general or very specific. Here you are some strategic ideas, but the list is not exhaustive:

What is your motivation?

Many other objectives can be pursued by planning your study and professional trip, such as for example:

National programmes for classified forests and wildland forests encourage wood production, watershed protection and wildlife habitat management on private lands. Your tailor-made itinerary can help you understand better the programmes of certain landowners directly with them. You will to able to exchange information on practices for the reduction of property tax and other national tax incentives, counterparties, technical assistance etc.

In short, organizing a trip to discover the world of forestry and silviculture is advisable in many domains:


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