For a successful group trip focusing on the world of horses, it is imperative that the services provided are complete and top of the range. Only a tailor-made trip will enable you to benefit from a high-range customized service, with attention to detail.

Whether the aim is participating in events, sharing cultural experiences, discovering learning methods or trades, or merely visiting points of interest related to horses in the comprehensive sense of the word, the promise is to take you to the best destinations in the world, or in your country according to your needs and budget.

Meeting the highest expectations

If your ambition is to take a professional trip, it is possible to create a customized itinerary, so that you can live or discover any centres of equine interest. It is also possible to plan this trip for a group who would like to participate in educational programmes (training and/or education), i.e. to schedule visits to organizations where access is generally restricted.

In customizing each professional trip, we bear in mind that to expand your experience in your passion, and to achieve your goals, you must be free from any concerns. In addition, we carefully choose hotels, restaurants and transport. It is also possible to include a little sightseeing, if you so request: sometimes it’s a shame to go abroad without taking this opportunity.

Equine inspiration

The world of horses is huge, and the planning of your professional trip will probably focus on a specific aspect (or possibly several aspects). Here you are some ideas:


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