Your group trip can meet any requirements in terms of visits and learning about aquaculture and fish farming:

A new interest, new destinations


Group trips are becoming increasingly popular in the aquaculture and fish farming sector. Participants will love visiting the places where fish and other aquatic species are farmed for home consumption or commercial use (fish, seaweed, shellfish, molluscs, etc.).

You will be able to discover the different types of aquaculture (mariculture, fresh water farming), or to study in more detail the specific aspects of the different types of production:

The main aquaculture and fish farming activities


Your professional trip can enable you to discover aquacultural practices, including intensive, semi-intensive and extended systems. If you want to study one system more than others, it is possible to focus on one particular country for which that system represents the greater part of its aquaculture production.


Several fish farmers are producing at subsistence level, and have joined together worldwide within commercial structures. It is interesting, for example, to understand – thanks to a group trip – the optimization of fish farming yields per unit area. Some fish farming types are intended for the local markets and others for exportation, and in the coming years aquaculture is likely to significantly contribute to food safety worldwide. This fact alone justifies your participation at a discovery trip: progress and investments will continue!


Aquaculture and fish farming in a specific country


Your study trip will take you and your group to the heart of a country. The management and organization of this industry can be more or less participatory according to the country’s level of development, and the level of involvement of governments and donors. So, why not plan a visit to the main aquaculture or fish farming research government institutions?


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