You can discover the history and culture of a country or a region only in theory through videos and books. But information can really become significant if it is lived by the group looking for this information. A full immersion on site, or attending a conference on a specific subject, is a tangible way of learning about a cultural and historical heritage. That’s why a customized study trip is interesting.


A study trip for history and culture lovers

History and culture have their magic and legends, sagas through the ages. Quite often, big historical sites show that human beings and nature wanted to outlive the corrosion of time and memories. A study trip can be the opportunity to meet artists and artisans who bring history and culture back to life. When history and culture are no longer accessible through words or speeches, your group trip can take you to:


At the beginning, it was a trip for professional purposes…

A trip to another country or region is the beginning (or the perfect end) of any business meeting and conference. It is a way to help your visitors, but also your own organization within the framework of a project, to understand better the history and culture that make a given item on your agenda what it is today.

This type of study trip is not only for history lovers; it is useful for any organization that needs or wants to find out more about the past.


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