Give your pupils or students the possibility to discover what is behind the theory of manuals and lessons. Your study trip will take them away from the classroom, and – why no – around the world, to make different experiences, enhance their learning about the appealing and complex world of management, commerce and sale as it is in real life.

From teaching to inspiration

Each study trip focusing on commerce, management or sale transforms theoretical teaching into real inspiration, even a revelation. Many participants have definitively confirmed their vocation thanks to this experience!  Each programme enables participants - by means of visits - to discover real contemporary situations in this sector, and to take a closer look at small-size commercial structures, multinational groups, or freelancers, according to your needs.

Acquire and progress

Learning about management, commerce and sale is fundamental to your education, but it is only through a study trip that participants can really improve their skills. They acquire practices, develop critical thinking, expand their knowledge about risk factors, and understand better the various organizational structures.

This study trip customized according to your needs could enable you to:

Only a study trip can provide the opportunity to explore the economic, political and cultural environments of businesses in other parts of the world, or of domestic businesses. Management, commerce and sale are far-reaching subjects, so there is plenty of room for customization, both in terms of objectives and in terms of logistics.


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