What is better than a group trip rich in scents, traditions and hues to improve the experience and pleasure of wine lovers? What is better for oenology and viticulture professionals, too? Nothing beats this trip to the heart of tradition and naturalness.


Each group has its trip

This study trip will enable you to participate in or attend – according to your requirements - several activities related to wine and its environment:

Your group trip will be a celebration of oenology and viticulture, an event like no other, with special features enabling you to appreciate the value of small details. If you love wine and its history, enjoy this trip!


Your trip on the path to oenology and viticulture

By walking on an estate covered with vineyards, you can also succumb to the charms of the architectural or cultural heritage of your destination place, in a setting which is always unique. A group trip cannot end without wine tasting... The trip is tailor-made to your needs, of course, so that it can provide you with what you’re looking for.


The trip is conceived according to each group’s needs

The study trip will be organized in different ways based on whether your group has a professional or tourist approach. In this respect, the study trip can be conceived to include:

The gates of estates and doors of businesses will open for you

Your group trip can open for you the gates of estates and doors of businesses of the viticulture and oenology sector, where you’ll be able to see the most modern systems, or give you the possibility to learn more about restoration works to continue a tradition, and to strengthen or refine your vision of the future of this sector.


In addition to wines, this study trip can focus on grapes - from selection to harvest - to share experiences directly on the land.  Your tailor-made trip can really enable you to get information on any aspect, i.e. on the fruit or the industrialization process rather than the finished product, for example.


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