The trips focusing on landscaping are targeted at groups having a common objective: we work to ensure that each landscape architecture or gardening visit meets the group’s expectations. It can be a guided visit or a trip requiring greater expertise, to explore gardens or learn more about a specific subject for which an expert is needed.

A group trip is an excellent way to discover the heritage of a garden left by a founder, for example, or the influence of a country, or of another culture. 

For students

Parallel to academic courses, a trip in the horticulture sector enables students to leave the classroom for interesting discoveries. This group trip is perfect to leave one’s everyday surroundings and set out to discover new activities outside in nature. Our tailor-made programmes are conceived to nurture students’ curiosity, but still focusing on learning. Participants may even help in certain practical gardening or landscape design activities, learning the history of the garden considered, of trees, plants, insects… Everything you can imagine is possible.

Joining a group for such visits is an adventure. Explore the most beautiful gardens, go on daily excursions to meet experts and get inspired by nature!


More advances programmes


Professionals who want to be up-to-date, or simply curious people, can have access to valuable information during a group trip. They can also get answers to questions requiring a more expert approach. Participants can:

One of the many advantages of a group trip in the world of gardening is enjoying a positive environment, which will not tire you! And the opportunity to establish a lot of contacts, which landscape architects will be excited about.


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