In order to respond to the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the building and construction sector, it is important – among other things - to be familiar with the latest technologies in this field. For the young looking for career guidance or young adults who must validate their professional choice, a study trip gives all the necessary answers, and meets all the group’s objectives.

Responding to the interests of the participating group

It is possible to conceive a national or international study trip, based on the opportunities that you would like to create for the group of participants:

Such a study trip enriches the curriculum vitae of participants, of course, but also helps to link your learning experiences to the type of activities and of projects that you can undertake working in the building and construction sector. A customized programme will usefully complement your skills and knowledge.

Learning opportunities and experiences

This study trip offers a wide range of opportunities and experiences, considering that the building and construction sector includes a large number of trades and projects:

Through this study trip you’ll have the possibility to discover your areas of interest, and to get to know the range of working opportunities available in the building and construction industry. You will see that there is an international demand, too. You will be able to discover in your area of preference (roofer, carpenter, tiler, tile setter, bricklayer, locksmith, metalworker, etc.) something that you didn’t know yet, developing real skills, and networking with building and construction experts.

One of the great advantages of such a group trip is that it will be a source of inspiration for your studies - if you are a student – as well as a tangible help to develop your knowledge of working environments, and to build your career.


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