There are plenty of diverse possibilities of customization of your study trip, and creating a group with the common goal of discovering, learning, and sharing, is the most appropriate way to optimize your objectives. A group trip facilitates participants’ learning, and allows to go further to discover this sector in another country.  Many faculties and international groups have extensive expertise in accounting and management, and certain actors are actively involved in services to industry and to the community. Your tailor-made professional trip is a major achievement in a professional approach. It can become a real platform for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge or methods.

For a teaching staff, this study trip can be useful to conduct first-class research. There are many areas that can be addressed by a customized trip. Both the accounting and the management sectors are huge. But by focusing on the achievement of an objective, you can specifically address several subjects such as:

Meaningful meetings…

A group trip plays an important role in the dissemination/acquisition of knowledge on management and accounting. This can take the form of attending academic lectures and/or meeting world-renowned professionals, professionals who have drawn up research papers on financial issues relevant to the industry or to government agencies, as well as participating in or organizing seminars or executive round tables on specific issues at international level.


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