Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and the essence of its appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Norwegian cities are cosmopolitan and showcase the famous Scandinavian flair for design through the ages. At the same time, a busy calendar of festivals, many of international renown, are worth planning your trip around.

Norway’s natural world consists of steep-sided fjords of extraordinary beauty that cut gashes from a jagged coastline deep into the interior. The renown of fjords is fully deserved, but this is also a land of glaciers, grand and glorious, snaking down from icefields that rank among Europe's largest. Elsewhere, the mountainous terrain of Norway's interior resembles the ramparts of so many natural fortresses, and yields to rocky coastal islands that rise improbably from the waters like apparitions. Then, of course, there's the primeval appeal of the Arctic. These landscapes serve as backdrop for some of Europe's most charismatic animals - polar bears. Not to mention reindeers and muskox, to name just a few.

Not just fjords and high country, you’ll certainly be fascinated by Svalbard, too - a perfect juxtaposition of water, rocks and human settlements. You'll be charmed by the far-off horizons and the Sami camps of the northern Norwegian Arctic.

Nature in Norway is very much an active pursuit, and this is one of Europe's most exciting and varied adventure-tourism destinations. Some activities may be for the young, energetic and fearless, but most - hiking, cycling and rafting in summer, dog-sledding, skiing and snowmobiling in winter - can be enjoyed by anyone.


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