Constantly ranked among the top 3 nations of the world for its wealth and its consumption of wine, life in Luxembourg is rather pleasant. It is a fascinating Western Europe destination, whose capital with the same name looks like it is taken from a fairy tale. Its historic centre is classified by Unesco, spectacularly perched atop a dramatic cliff. The country is bordered by Germany, France and Belgium.

Beyond the capital city of Luxembourg, you'll soon find yourself on wooded hills, where a series of charming villages looks like attractive market stalls under magnificent medieval castles. It is a must to visit the wine-producing region of Moselle. This small country is full of surprises, and is the symbol of a successful reconstruction after its massive destruction during the Second World War, which is the leitmotiv of each museum across the country, of course.

You will immediately notice the incredible diversity of the population, both in the way people dress and in the number of foreign languages spoken! There is a reason for this, Luxembourg has a foreign community of approximately 70% of its population, coming from all over Europe and all over the world.

It capital city shares the title of capital of Europe with Brussels and Strasbourg only, since in these 3 cities there are most of the administrative and political offices of the European Union.

There are many places to visit, including mainly:


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