Croatia offers a unique combination of all that tourists love: breathtaking natural beauty; nice swimming areas; wonderful sunny weather in summer; decorations showing the country’s history; an interesting architecture; amazing wines; delicious seafood.

If you think that holidays on the Mediterranean coast should be pleasant days by sapphire blue waters, in the shadow of ancient fortified towns, then Croatia is the ideal destination to experience that.

Close to the Balkans and central Europe, this land has been passed between competing kingdoms, empires and republics for millennia. Its cultural heritage is thus very rich, with Venetian, Napoleonian, Roman, Slavic, and Viennese contributions! Excellent museums showcase treasures that cover the gamut of Croatia’s fascinating et complex history.

The unmissable coast of Croatian islands is indisputably its main attraction. The clarity of the water is amazing. When it's set against a dazzling white pebbly beach, it sparkles with a jewel-like intensity in shades of emerald. It’s wonderful.

There are myriad water-based activities at hand to lure you off your sun-lounger – snorkelling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, etc.

The Dinaric Alps, with their highest peak Maja Jezercës, stretch all the way from Italy to Albania, hugging much of the coast. The limestone karst has bequeathed a wonderland of craggy peaks, caverns, river canyons, waterfalls and picturesque lakes. There are numerous hiking and biking trails, but also many sites for rock climbing and rafting, for example.


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