Inspiring landscapes and epicurean scenes meet epic stretches of wilderness here in Europe's deep north, where summer's endless light balances winter’s eerie frozen magic.

Winter has its own charm, as snow blankets the pines, and lakes freeze over. Skiing is great through to May. Other pursuits include chartering a team of dogs, a posse of reindeer, or a snowmobile for a trek across snowy solitudes, lit by a beautiful, pale winter sun; catching the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) after your wood-fired sauna; drilling a hole for ice fishing; and spending a night in an ice hotel.

Finland isn't just vast expanses of pristine wilderness. Vibrant cities stock the country's southern areas, headlined by the capital, Helsinki, an electrifying urban space with world-renowned design and music scenes. Embraced by the Baltic, Finland is a spectacular ensemble of modern and stately architecture. Beyond Helsinki, Tampere and Turku in particular are lively, engaging cities.

Summer is sunny and short. Finns seem to bless summer, in the hope that it will sustain them through the long, dark winter months. In this sunny period, there’s an explosion of good cheer and optimism in the country. With surprisingly high temperatures for these latitudes, summer is a time for music festivals, art exhibitions, cruises, and midnight sunshine on convivial beer terraces.


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