The United States are located in the North of the American continent, between Canada and Mexico, as well as between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The capital city - Washington - presides over the fifty States making up the country. This federation of States includes a wide diversity of cultures, identities and customs on a vast geographic area of approximately 10 million square meters!

Cities such as New York and Los Angeles are particularly popular. They are iconic destinations, where you can visit, among others, the Chrysler Tower, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, etc., in New York, and the Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame, the mythical movie studios of the golden age of Hollywood, in Los Angeles.

Take a short tour in New Orleans - the unique culture of this city in Louisiana, its rich and colourful heritage, enchant visitors. Perhaps the most “Frenchy” of American cities, but always in the American way, of course.

The United States have a variety of landscapes. In Arizona, for example, live the excitement of the Grand Canyon and its national Park, one of the most impressive natural features of the country. Each year, more than 5 million visitors go there. Take photos in landscape mode in the Yosemite park in California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will enjoy breathtaking landscapes.


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