Estonia is bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, and is nestled between Latvia and Russia, in Eastern Europe. The biggest city in Estonia is also its capital, Tallinn. After 300 years of Russian domination, Estonia joined the European Union.

Estonia is unique, quite different from the other European countries. It shares a similar geography and history with Latvia and Lithuania, but culturally it’s distinct.

Discovering Estonia is not just about its capital, even if Tallinn is definitely a fascinating city, with its UNESCO-protected Old Town.

Estonia also has many sparsely-populated rural villages and magnificent forests that provide spiritual sustenance for nature-lovers. If you prefer the city, Tartu is Estonia’s premier university town where a charming river flows, and where you can explore its many ruins.

Estonia includes a multitude of islands, around 2,000 in the Baltic Sea! Each one has its own culture and tourist sites. The biggest island is Saaremaa, famous for its windmills and its meteorite impact craters. It is allegedly a falling meteorite that generated the Hiiumaa island, north of Saaremaa.


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