Passionate, sophisticated and committed to living a happy life, Spain is both a stereotype that comes to life, and a very diverse country.

The diverse landscapes of Spain will excite your soul. The Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are no less beautiful than all the other mountain ranges on the continent. The snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains rise from the sunny plains of Andalusia.  The wildly beautiful cliffs of northwest Atlantic Spain are completely different from the charming coves of the Mediterranean Sea. And wherever you go, there are villages of timeless beauty on mountain peaks, or close to coastal rivers, like tiny but resilient outposts of ancient Spain.

Food and wine are national obsessions! The cornerstones of Spanish cuisine are deceptively simple: huge diversity, traditional recipes passed down through the generations, and an innate desire to experiment. You can experience the best meal with tapas in a bar, or with refined dishes prepared by a famous chef.

The relentless pace of life on the streets. The passions of the Spanish people are part of their everyday life. It is a country with music in its soul, love for wild landscapes, and a special talent for celebrating all the good things in life. “Fiesta” is one of the most popular words in Spanish.

It is a country that lives in the present. Walk down a crowded street at night, where everybody has come to have fun, and let a flamenco artist touch the depths of your soul. This is Spain.


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