Cuba is a Caribbean island state that is composed of the island of Cuba, the Island of Youth, and other smaller islands. It is located north of the West Indies and south of the United States, and its capital city is Havana.

Havana is a contradictory city: the present and the (ancient) past stand side by side on the streets. This can be noticed looking at buildings – some of them have been under renovation for so long that the scaffoldings are completely covered by ivy – but also looking at cars. You can tour the city in a vintage car. Motorbikes are sidecars, and bike taxi drivers send texts while pedalling.

If you want to immerse yourself in a really Caribbean atmosphere, go to Santiago de Cuba. It’s the second-largest city in Cuba, and is packed with cultural attractions: music, architecture, literature, etc.

Are you a beach lover? Go to Baracoa. It is one of the island’s hidden treasures, definitively worth exploring. Baracoa is connected to the rest of the island by La Farola (streetlight) only. This little paradise offers a spectacular view. Not to be missed!



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