There is no other country like Austria where people can “waltz” so easily from the urban areas to the countryside. One day you reach an Alpine peak, and the day after you go to imperial Vienna. It is absolutely amazing.

Over the centuries, the Habsburgs invested huge amounts of wealth in fine arts and music, while they were collecting palaces and castles just as though they were stamps. You can still feel this cultural echo when you visit Austria, whether you are watching the Lipizzaner stallions, or the works of art by Rubens, Klimt and Schiele, for example.

Classical music is in the air, to the tune of Mozart’s, Strauss’, Mahler’s, Haydn’s and Schubert’s works, in sumptuous golden concert halls, or at music festivals such as in Salzburg or Vienna, the capital city.

Your trip can take you to the curvy roads of the valleys that look like they were carved into the mountains, or the railways running - quite surprisingly - on the mountain sides changing the look of the Alps, or to glaciers and wild flower meadows.

Austrian cuisine is much more than schnitzels! The country is represented at international food and beverage trade fairs, while remaining true to its local sourcing principles. You will have plenty of choice, whether you are vegan, a fan of organic food or of Slow Food! The love of the land can be noticed in many ways on the table: asparagus in spring; apricots in summer; mushrooms, game and new wine in autumn.


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