Argentina shares borders with Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay in South America. With more than 43 million inhabitants, it is the Latin American country where European culture is most deeply rooted.

Argentina is one of the countries that attract most travellers: tango, food, football, the Andes... All of this makes a formidable wanderlust cocktail.  Argentina is a vast natural wonderland: Iguazú Falls, Glaciar Perito Moreno, the Andes’ peaks, arid steppes in Patagonia, cool forests, penguins, pink flamingos, and more. All are stunning sights and adventures just waiting to be experienced.

Whether you consider literature, cinema, music or arts, Argentina has a rich and edgy culture – part Latin American and part European – that you can’t help but fall in love with!

Arriving in Buenos Aires is like jumping aboard a moving train. The city looks like a blurred mosaic of a modern metropolis, with a dynamic life and uncommon inhabitants. Then, cities such as Cordoba, Salta or Mendoza each have their unique personalities, so don't miss them.

To eat something, discover Parillas (steak restaurants), which will offer up any cuts of beef perfectly grilled. In Buenos Aires you can experience a huge variety of ethnic cuisine (Asian, Scandinavian cuisine, etc.) and taste the excellent Argentine wine


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