The agricultural equipment sector attracts the interest of more and more people, whether they are amateurs, farmers, professionals or students, to such an extent that some brands of tractors and agricultural machinery, as well as dealers and repair shops, are developing a new marketing concept opening their doors.

For instance, you can now go and see how legendary tractors are manufactured (John Deere, Massey Fergusson, Claas, etc.), or simply attend the major national or international agricultural events, such as a tractor show! Each agricultural journey is tailor-made, everything you can imagine is possible…

A group trip opens a lot of doors

On a group trip, many agricultural equipment businesses will open their doors to you, and not only the doors of the tractor cab! During your visits, you will be able to discover all the stages of the manufacturing of tractors and agricultural machinery to be used for several purposes: ploughing, tillage, fertilisation, crushing, wrapping, pulverization, forage harvesting, ensilage, sowing, pressing, etc.

Your agricultural tour will give you access to metal cutting companies, where the gears and axles of agricultural tractors and other machines (such as harvesting-packaging machines, self-propelled windrowers, combine-harvester, etc.) are manufactured, or you may visit an assembly line.

A professional milieu

A group trip will also enable you to meet executives and directors of businesses and brands, to discuss problems or solutions, to exchange experiences, and to discover industrial innovations before other professionals

A trip customized according to your requirements will allow you to see how agricultural tractors and machines are manufactured, for example, or to appreciate the machining and assembly accuracy of engine blocks, heads and crankshafts, as well as to discover the most modern and successful factories in the world.

You’ll have the opportunity to gather together, meet and learn, as well as to become familiar with the latest novelties of manufacturers for a full immersion that is like a celebration of agriculture and of agricultural equipment!


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